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What is Towngroove?

Towngroove is an idea born out of a desire for fun, whatever package it might come in. We’re betting that your city is as groovy as cities go. Your city knows very well how to throw a party, serve amazing food and to let go when the hour is late and fun is to be had. And Towngroove is the ultimate window to all the fun your city has to offer. An eclectic mix of the best venues, artists, dining and parties is what makes Towngroove your key to an amazing time.

Towngroove AMP (Artists Management Platform)

They are the stalwarts of good times. For the Artists who spin their magic and make the crowd go insane, we’ve something quite cool (or so we like to tell ourselves). Artists will be able to create and manage their portfolios, release new tracks, connect with their fans and most of all, book gigs at a club/event of their choice! After all, they are the carriers of music, happiness and love.

Who are we?

We’re a hybrid product of technology geeks and party mongers. We’ve always thrived on learning the art of good times and somewhere along the way, we came up with the idea that one master-key for everyone, to all the avenues of good times in our town, wouldn’t be too bad. Turns out it is too good. And a lot of fun. Find it out yourself when we open our gates for you.


The corner pub where you drown your sorrows; the roof-top bar with a view of the world; and the club with the best house beer. All Towngroove has for you, and then some.
Fiery street food, delectable restaurants, ambrosial wine tasting bars and over-the-top dhabas – none is hidden at Towngroove.
There’s a party in town, all for you, and we know where. We’ll get you there. You can get your friends, or find some new ones. Parties at Towngroove don’t stop until you do.
DJs will spin, bands will do sound checks, and the music will take over. At Towngroove, there is no band small enough and no DJ loud enough to be missed.
Hear from us when we launch!